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Housing Advice

Advice on home owning, renting, property and real estate

We answer questions on everything relating to residential properties.

Here, among other issues, we focus on the improved provision of residential advice and possibilities for young people. We hope to provide a context for contemplating the altering nature of young people's housing changes in recent years and show up some of the most urgent housing-related issues young people encounter in the UK today.

In particular, we deal with:

  • housing pathways and the varying nature of youth transitions;
  • young people and residential tenure;
  • changing methods of relationship and household structures;

  • young people, housing and finances;

  • housing transitions of poor and vulnerable groups;
  • urgent policy issues with regards to to young people and housing; and
  • future solutions
  • We also deal with youth homelessness, particularly:
  • the sheer extent of youth homelessness;
  • the character and nature of youth homelessness, and why it has changed over time;
  • young people’s stories of homelessness;
  • service offering to young homeless people;
  • joint work in tackling youth homelessness;
  • the effect of policy and practice changes on homeless young people and those who suffer by homelessness;
  • the implications for future governmental changes and practice priorities in tackling youth homelessness.

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